EchoVNC 2.221

Echo VNC is a secure, "firewall-friendly" remote-desktop tool

EchoVNC 2.3 is a remote desktop tool that supports VNC, Remote Desktop and RAdmin servers and viewers.
This remote desktop tool can access remotely Windows PC or OSX Mac despite firewall’s, router’s or proxy’s configurations. Previous versions only supported VNC however this version also supports Remote Desktop and RAdmin making easy the access to more computers without VNC. It supports "dynamic-DNS" for VNC Servers without static IP addresses and also supports for HTTP, SOCKS and ISA/NTLM web-proxies.
This utility has the Server and the Viewer utilities. The EchoVNC Server provides the tools to control a computer or server remotely. Among the features included the EchoVNC Service is a good option in case you need to control the restart of a computer; you can install and uninstall the service according to your needs. Server side allows multiple connections to the server, and can show the list of the computers that are connected to the server. The EchoVNC Viewer provides the features to access remotely to a computer.
Both Server and Viewers provides a wide variety of configurations since the way to establish remote control to the number of buttons of the mouse that you want to use remotely; all those configurations to provide a good control and accessibility on the remote computer as you were sat in front of it.
The installation process is very easy to perform. Its GUI is easy and friendly to user. It provides good documentation installed with the program and there are more documents and help on its website.
EchoVNC works on Windows and Mac platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • EchoVNC 2.3 is a great remote desktop tool that supports VNC, Remote Desktop and RAdmin. Besides supports VNC servers with dynamic IP address. You can access remotely Windows and Mac computers


  • I haven’t found any until now
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